NDT Laboratory

Our company, whose main activity is the provision of engineering services, technical supervision, is leading of the few companies in this field, with its advanced technology, having international experience and highly qualified specialists in all kinds of activities in the construction and manufacturing industry.

In order to provide a full range of engineering services, in the subsidiary «VBM ENJINEERING» was formed Nondestructive Testing Laboratory for work on quality control of welded joints and metal.

NDT Laboratory , organized by us, was accredited by the Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Certification "UZSTANDART" (accreditation certificate № UZ.AMT.07.MAI.841 from 24.09.2012 year) and has a corresponding Resolution № 03/16-216- BG on August 13, 2013, issued by the State Inspectorate "Sanoatgeokontekhnazorat" to carry out work on quality control of welded joints and metal holding qualification tests of welders, as well as technical diagnostics of technological equipment and lifting devices.

In addition, the NDT laboratory is licensed by Cabinet of Ministers AN No. 0125, issued November 28, 2012, for activities working with sources of ionizing radiation, for work on gamma flaw in transmission of tanks, vessels, working under pressure, pipelines and steel large thicknesses.

In its activities, the Laboratory is for the following types of NDT :

1. VMC - visual measurement control;
2. SPL - ultrasonic flaw detection and thickness measurement;
3. RC - radiation control methods (radiography, gammagraphy)
4. CM - "color" control method;
5. Determination of hardness of metals and welds;

These methods allow to produce highly efficient monitoring and diagnosis process, pipelines, storage tanks of various capacities, vessels working under pressure;
In addition, the staff of the Laboratory produces strength calculations and determination of residual service of the above mentioned equipment with the necessary documentation.

The scope of the NC Lab includes:

  • control of the quality of welded joints technological, trunk, fishing of oil and gas wire products, steam and hot water;
  • technical diagnosis and determination of residual service of the vessels working under pressure tanks of various capacities, hoisting mechanisms;
  • inspection and CNG GIE;
  • inspection of compressor stations;
  • inspection of metal to determine the possibility of their further exploitation;
  • inspection of boiler plants;
  • confirmation of the certified data of various grades (chemical composition, mechanical testing);
  • conducting evaluation tests of welders;

Our laboratory is equipped with advanced devices in the areas of diagnostics:

  • gammagraphy - gammadefektoskope "GAMMARIDS-192" with the isotope Iridium;
  • radiography - x-ray machines Pamir-300;
  • Ultrasonic testing - ultrasonic flaw scanners UD-4TM "Tomographic";
  • ultrasonic thickness - ultrasonic thickness "A-2"; «Panametrics-26MG»;
  • sets of penetrants for "colored" (capillary) inspection;
  • hardness - dynamic hardness TDM-2;
  • spectral analysis - portable steeloscope PSL-2;
  • visual and measuring control - sets set VIC-2;

The uniqueness of our proposals in the field of technical diagnostics with NDT methods is the availability of new advanced high-performance devices, as well as highly skilled staff with years of experience in this activity.
We are interested in establishing long-term cooperation and are ready to offer a full range of engineering services, technical supervision and technical diagnosis for the construction and operation of your objects.